DevOps Tester Interview Questions

A DevOps testing role is different from a traditional testing role. They are in charge of transferring fresh QA development code into the production environment along with the DevOps teams. 

Hiring a dynamic candidate who can build stability and automate test cases is easy with our comprehensive DevOps Tester Interview Questions. Have a look.

Job-specific Questions for DevOps Tester

  1. How does DevOps differ from Agile methodology?
  2. What are the different phases of DevOps Testing?
  3. What is Jenkins? What is its role in automation testing?
  4. Are Continuous Deployment and Continuous Delivery one and the same?
  5. What are Anti Patterns in DevOps? Name some of them
  6. What certifications are necessary to become a DevOps Testing Professional?
  7. How are continuous testing and automation testing different from each other?
  8. What role do Ansible and Puppet play in server management?
  9. Why do you need configuration management in DevOps?
  10. What are the fundamental differences between DevOps & Agile?

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Discover Hiring Resources for DevOps Testers

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