DevOps Software Developer Interview Questions

The demand for software developers has doubled since 2021. For example, more organizations are hiring full-stack developers to maximize the engineering team’s efficiency and also reduce team fluctuations.

Finding the best candidate who is adaptable to SDLC, coding, and team collaborations is now easy with our comprehensive DevOps Software Developer interview questions.

Job-specific Questions for DevOps Software Developer

  1. Please write a function to compute the Nth Fibonacci number.
  2. Is unit testing essential or just a waste of time? Why do you think so?
  3. What is your familiarity with OOPs?
  4. Describe big-O notation in simple terms
  5. What aspects do you consider when reviewing a team member’s code?
  6. How do you ensure Quality and fix Errors simultaneously?
  7. Which language is the most preferred in Software development?
  8. How would you plan to scale access to a system like Twitter? 
  9. What are the advantages of Balanced Tree Sort?
  10. What is meant by a Non-Functional Requirement?

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Glider AI’s Unique Features

  • Conversational Chatbot for Talent Screening
  • Interactive, coding-enabled skill tests
  • Powerful candidate analytics 

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