Marketing Communications Specialist Job Description

This Marketing Communications Specialist job description template can be posted to online job forums and career pages to recruit candidates. You can modify the requirements and responsibilities given in this template according to the specific need of your company.

Key Responsibilities of Marketing Communications Specialist

  • Advertise our company’s products and services on a variety of media, especially social networks
  • Promoting the company’s products and services at events
  • Coordinate our promotional material’s design and also distribute it via online/offline channels

Job brief

We are hiring a qualified Marketing Communications Specialist for increasing brand awareness by managing our online/offline communication. 

What does a Marketing Communications Specialist do?

 A Marketing Communications Specialist distributes promotional material, networks with people during marketing events, and responds to customers’ comments/queries on social media. The ultimate goal is to act as the voice of a company’s brand for attracting new customers.

 In order to succeed in this role, you must have prior experience in building long-term relations with new clients and target audiences.


  • Advertising our company’s products and services on media, especially social networks
  • Promoting our company’s products and services during social events
  • Coordinating the design of promotional material and also distributing it via online and offline channels
  • Networking with potential clients and industry experts for increasing brand awareness
  • Gathering customer feedback for informing product and sales teams
  • Joining online platforms and social media groups for discussing industry trending topics
  • Monitoring social media pages and corporate website, and also addressing clients’ queries
  • Crafting and sending regular newsletters about latest company news
  • Planning press conferences and interviews
  • Tracking ROI for measuring the effectiveness of marketing campaigns


  • At least a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Mass Communication, Public Relations, or any other relevant field
  • Prior experience as a Marketing Communications Specialist
  • Experience in working with MS Office
  • Experience with content management (e.g. WordPress)
  • Familiarity with B2C and B2B advertising campaigns
  • Familiarity with social media marketing
  • Sound knowledge of Google Analytics and SEO principles
  • Proficiency in English and exceptional presentation skills
  • Strong verbal as well as written communication skills
  • A keen eye for details

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