Application Security Engineer Interview Questions

Application security (AppSec) engineers help secure an organization’s businesses, data, and finances besides addressing the system’s vulnerabilities. 

Take a break from the mundane hiring process. Use our AppSec Engineer interview questions to screen out potential candidates. Here we go.

Job-specific Questions for App Sec Engineer

  1. How do you define Cross Site Scripting or XSS? 
  2. What are the key challenges for the successful deployment and monitoring the web intrusion detection? 
  3. What is port scanning? What are the different types of port scans? 
  4. What is public-key cryptography? How does it differ from private-key cryptography in terms of encryption and signing content performance? 
  5. What are the various defense mechanisms against multiple login attempts? 
  6. Can you differentiate between SSL sessions and SSL connections? 
  7. List down the parameters list to define the SSL session connection 
  8. What is Vulnerability? What factors cause vulnerabilities? 
  9. What is a Host Intrusion Detection System? 
  10. What is a USM? What are its functions? 

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