CISO Interview Questions

CISO or Chief Information Security Officer is one of the most in-demand roles at the C-suite level. As a member of the board, CISOs also act as gatekeepers of security-related initiatives. 

Assess the vastness of information security rigor of the candidate with our contemporary CISO interview questions. Here we go.

Job-specific Questions for CISO

  1. How far is cloud computing risk-free? 
  2. What lessons have you learned from the mistakes while working as CISO? 
  3. Did any circumstance make you modify or alter a security policy? Please explain
  4. How do you draw an action plan to incorporate IoT into an information security environment? 
  5. Tell me about a time when you had to collaborate with stakeholders to establish an information security risk management  
  6. What are the latest technologies that can be implemented for information security? 
  7. Name any 5 KPIs or metrics for measuring an information security program’s effectiveness. 
  8. What’s your first step if there’s a need to encrypt and compress data for a transmission? 
  9. How would you make a non-technical executive understand hyper-convergence? 
  10. What should be the first question to ask if there’s a breach? 

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Discover Hiring Resources for CISO

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