Ethical Hacker Interview Questions

Ethical Hackers are legally permitted to hack the digital resources of public and private enterprises to discover potential threats and vulnerabilities and fix them before they are exposed to fraudsters.

Assess a candidate’s competencies from basic hacking skills to cybersecurity processes with our contemporary Ethical Hacker interview questions. Here we go.

Job-specific Questions for Ethical Hackers

  1. Are there any differences between an IP address and a Mac address? 
  2. What are the types of ethical hackers? What are some of the common tools used by Ethical hackers? 
  3. What are the major types of password-cracking techniques? 
  4. Do you know about footprinting in ethical hacking? Can you give some examples of its techniques? 
  5. Describe Network Sniffing
  6. Differentiate between ARP Spoofing and ARP poisoning. Is it possible to prevent them? If so, how? 
  7. What is meant by Cross-site scripting? What are its different types? 
  8. How can you stop your website from getting hacked? 
  9. Differentiate between Keylogger Trojan and Enumeration
  10. What is CSRF (Cross-Site Request Forgery)? What are the different ways of preventing it? 
  11. What is a Host Intrusion Detection System? What is a USM? What are its functions?

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