Web Developer Interview Questions

Web Developers are programmers who develop applications on WWW (World Wide Web) or distributed network applications. Not only that, but they also write codes in web programming languages like JavaScript, HTML (HyperText Markup Language), CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), etc.   

The ubiquitous role of the tech industry needs a smart hiring strategy too. That’s why our nuanced Web Developer Interview Questions are here for your perusal.

Job-specific Questions for a Web Developer

  1. What are the prominent differences between Objective-C and Swift?
  2. Can you write a method to compare two binary trees?
  3. Can you implement a hashmap data structure?
  4. Describe the procedure to store a private user’s data in offline mode. What are some of the best security practices in this regard?
  5. Is it possible to convert the codebase of an existing iPhone or iPad app?
  6. How can you reverse a string in C asap?
  7. What is the methodology to execute asynchronous tasks in iOS?
  8. How can one trace and fix memory leaks?
  9. Given a chance to create a user-friendly app, what interfaces will you choose?
  10. How does iOS support multi-threading?

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