Loan Officer Interview Questions

Now you can screen potential candidates for the profile of Loan Officer with this ultimate assortment of loan officer interview questions.

Loan Officer Interview Questions

Loan officers serve crucial roles to their employer as well as clients. They are also known as Mortgage Loan Originators. The most important skill for this profile is sales experience. Such individuals have great knowledge of different types of loans that a financial firm can provide. They are often employed by credit unions, mortgage companies, commercial banks and other financial institutions.

The primary responsibility of loan officers is to explain various types of loans and terms of each one to the applicants. They verify and analyze the financial information (credit rating and income level) of the applicants. These individuals review loan agreements to ensure that they comply with federal as well as state regulations.

Here we have outlined operational and situational questions that will help you in picking the best loan originator. If you want to hire more experienced loan officers, then you can add few more questions that can examine their sales and relationship building skills.

Make sure you tailor questions to the working environment they will be in. The competent contenders would have done their research and will be quite familiar with your company.

Add on these important loan officer interview questions for your next hiring to tease out what potential they have.

Operational and Situational questions

  • What was your experience with brokered loans?
  • Can you describe your selling style?
  • How many clients do you have in your portfolio?
  • What interests you about the mortgage business?
  • How do you get a new business at your previous job?
  • Can you share the most difficult sale you have ever closed?
  • How would you walk a client through the loan process?
  • Was there a situation when you turned a negative situation with a client into a positive one?
  • How do you ensure great customer service for your clients?
  • What was your experience with brokered loans?
  • How would you manage being transferred to the same team as a difficult coworker?
  • What do you think about commission based pay?
  • Recall a time you resolved an issue with an angry client.
  • What do you do when you do not have new prospect appointments scheduled for the day?
  • Describe negative amortization.
  • What licenses do you have (state and federal)?
  • How can someone be successful in an environment with rising interest rates?

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