Underwriter Interview Questions

Get a clear snapshot of how to screen the ideal candidate for your organization with this underwriter interview questions.

Underwriter Interview Questions

The task of underwriters is to review insurance applications and carry out risk analysis to assist the companies in determining whether to provide insurance to clients.

Look for the contenders who hold financial backgrounds and have expertise in insurance. Ask their experience in examining the credit scores, negotiating loan terms and deciding amounts of coverage.

The candidates who are able to explain how they review insurance applications clearly will stand out. Your ideal contenders will be confident to conduct thorough research.

They would also use their own judgment to suggest lucrative solutions. Make sure you pick the one who possesses problem-solving skills as it will help them in managing their job duties.

Here is the ultimate assortment of underwriter interview questions that will help in picking the competent contender for your organization.

Operational and Situational questions

  • Can you mention the things that would make you decline an insurance application?
  • Suppose you are unable to find adequate information about a client’s financial status. What would you do? How would you ensure that you have done thorough research?
  • Would you persuade us to give insurance to a potential customer who had undergone bankruptcy eight years ago but has maintained a good financial status ever since?
  • Envisage that you are unable to make up your mind about whether a risk is worth taking. What would you do?

Role-specific questions

  • Mention the steps you take before arriving at an insurance decision.
  • According to you, what is the most effective fraud detection process?
  • Describe debt and loan-to-value ratios. How do you use them?
  • When performing a background check on a client, what are the primary things you look for? Can you share the resources that you use?
  • How do you present your findings?
  • Name the statistical softwares (such as SPSS) you have used.

Behavioral questions

  • Can you tell how do you stay motivated during repetitive tasks?
  • What is your biggest professional achievement so far? How did you accomplish it?
  • Can you share the resources by which you stay updated with changes in financial regulations and trends?
  • Recall a time when you did not agree with your manager about an insurance decision.

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