Janitor Interview Questions

The following set of interview questions will help you in profiling and apprehend the personality and capabilities of candidates for the role of Janitor.

What is the role of a Janitor?

The role of a Cleaner or a Janitor may seem simple, however, his duties extend far more than just maintaining the general cleanliness of the work organization. More often the duties encompass skills that require a generous amount of prerequisite training. Any organization needs to take its needs into account and structure the questions in a manner that truly evaluates what any candidate is capable of. You might require for the custodian to have a basic knowledge of machine operations, using chemical cleaners, compatibility of different cleaners for different surfaces etc. Assess your candidates for a few basic qualities such as reliability, honesty, motivation, and attentiveness. The following list will help organizations evaluate their candidates’ experience and capabilities for the role of a Janitor.

Operational and Situational questions

  • Describe your relevant responsibilities for a previous work organization.
  • Which part of the Janitorial work do you despise or that leaves you frustrated?
  • What is your motivation every day when in a tiring and dull job such as this?
  • If a problem occurs beyond your scope of minor repairs, what would you do?
  • Which types of machinery have you cleaned before?
  • Which aspects of your previous work endeavor did you admire?
  • In the event, one of your coworkers is found stealing from the company, how would you act?
  • Elaborate on how you have handled criticism on your work in the past.
  • Would you feel distracted while cleaning around other people?
  • What qualities do you wish to see in your manager?
  • What is your routine regarding the maintenance of your cleaning equipment?
  • Elaborate on how well you handled a problem when you’re in charge was indisposed.

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