Glider AI Product Update 78.6

Making the candidate experience a competitive advantage through improved feedback capture


Candidate experience is everything and can be a competitive differentiator during the interview process. Glider AI makes it even easier for candidates to share feedback about their experience during skill assessments to help you improve your recruiting process. Glider AI provides different rating scales across the following areas:

  • Overall satisfaction with the test and experience using Glider AI
  • Question difficulty whether questions are too easy or too hard
  • Time to complete to determine if the test needs more time or less
  • Test accuracy based on understanding job requirements
  • General user experience, such as testing process to identify what can be improved 

An easier way to view AI-proctored results to determine candidate skill and integrity at scale


Glider AI provides the most sophisticated AI-Proctoring in the market. In this update, we’ve improved the layout of the monitoring report so recruiters can quickly review in the monitoring summary. 

Within the improved monitoring summary, you can view the following results: 

  • Browser tab tracking
  • Cheating probability score
  • Candidate ID check and profile match

Proactive AI-proctoring to confirm candidate identity 


As we continue to embrace the benefits of remote hiring and a remote workplace, we must also address some new challenges it presents. Although most candidates are genuine, there are instances of recruiters and hiring teams experiencing bait and switch, that is, a different person was hired from the person interviewed.

During the onboarding experience, Glider AI now requires a candidate’s face to be visible before proceeding to the next steps. The AI proctoring will detect inconsistencies and whether multiple faces are present. 

Faster candidate outreach, engagement, and pre-qualification with Glider AI Bullhorn ATS integration 


Glider AI Connect provides skill pre-qualification via AI chatbots across multiple modalities, from WhatsApp to text, now fully integrated with the Bullhorn ATS. Users of Bullhorn can now invite candidates directly from Bullhorn. In addition, this integration affords the following benefits: 

  • Bulk candidate invites 
  • Unique candidate invites 
  • Tracking candidate attempt status
  • View candidate reports

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