Facilities Manager Interview Questions

As a recruiter, finding the right Facilities Manager for your organization can be challenging. With our comprehensive list of facilities manager interview questions, you can easily evaluate candidates’ knowledge and expertise in managing the physical environment of any organization. Our expertly curated list will assist you in finding the perfect fit for your company, ensuring that your facilities are managed efficiently and effectively. Trust us to help you find the best Facilities Manager for your organization.

General Roles and Responsibilities of a Facilities Manager

Facility Management of any built asset is one of the most important aspects of its proper functionality. A Facilities Manager makes sure that all the facilities installed within a building are working perfectly. He is the one responsible for operating and maintaining all the facilities within the built environment on a daily basis. 

The academic credentials of a Facilities Manager solely depend on the type of position they will be serving. For instance, if you are hiring them for managing the facilities of a small building then even a high school Diploma holder may serve the purpose. On the other hand, if you need a Facilities Manager for a large-scale building having thousands of facilities (HVAC units, MEP systems, fixtures, and devices) then you should probably go for someone having at least a Bachelor’s Degree and has sound knowledge of all the processes and the necessary software to manage these facilities. You can also screen out the resumes by the available Facilities Managers’ certifications. Whatever the case may be, you should prefer candidates having some sort of management experience in past. 

Skills and Experiences a Facilities Manager should have:

Facilities Managers face all possible kinds of problems because they have to deal with facilities, computerized systems, and various kinds of people alike. That is why Facilities Managers should have technical knowledge, leadership abilities, and good communication skills. The best way to judge a person for his knowledge about Facility Management is to ask him about the traditional practices used nowadays. A Facilities Manager should have the ability to take quick decisions so situational questions may be the best way to test his skills.

Facilities Manager Operational and Situational Questions

  • How can you save energy in a building by the use of Facility Management?
  • What will you do if a contractor hired for the renovation of facilities is not using proper protection equipment?
  • How would you make the necessary preparations (with reference to facilities) in case of an upcoming event to be held in your building?

Facilities Manager Role-specific Questions

  • How do you store and maintain the data of the facilities?
  • Which Facility Management software do you use?
  • Are you familiar with BEMS and CMMS software?
  • How do you make sure that the facilities are being inspected and maintained regularly?
  • Under what scenarios a Facilities Manager is legally liable for the facilities in a building?
  • How do you collaborate or share data with other departments of the building?
  • How do you select service providers for the inspection, cleaning, repair, and maintenance of facilities?
  • What precautions do you take to keep your facilities safe and sound?
  • How do you keep your facilities according to health and environmental regulations?

Facilities Manager Behavioral Questions

  • What was the biggest problem you have ever faced while reducing the operational and maintenance cost of the facilities?
  • What are the problems you encounter during the coordination of your team for maintenance and repair projects? How do you solve them?
  • How do you negotiate the budget for any work with other service providers?
  • Have you ever forecasted any damages to your facilities beforehand?
  • What will you do if one of your employees damages any facility in the building while working on it?


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