.NET Web Developer Interview Questions

Shortlist the potential candidates for the role of .Net Web Developer after reviewing their skills and experience.

Credentials to look for:

  • Bachelor of Computer Science Technology
  • Masters of Computers Science
  • Diploma in Computer Science and Technology

Experience to look for:

  • Extensive knowledge of MVC5
  • Experience in C# or VB.net skills
  • Experienced in using customized Dot Net tools.
  • Knowledge of Client Side Development Technologies.

Apart from technical expertise, the job of a .NET Web Developer also demands a host of other skills and qualities. Therefore, evaluating the background, screening the qualifications and analyzing the technical skills alone is just not enough to find a perfect individual for your company’s requirements.

Take note of the qualities mentioned below to evaluate potential candidates from every aspect.

  • Search for the candidates who have a good understanding of basic algorithms and databases. The contenders who can discuss basic algorithms and have a creative approach to model them will be a perfect fit.
  • Find out if they have an in-depth understanding of different databases.
  • While evaluating their interests, ask them the blogs they read, their favorite technical language, how active they are on Github and who they are following on Twitter. This will enable you to observe whether the candidate is up to date with latest developments.
  • Enquire about the other projects that they have worked on.
  • Analyze whether they contribute to any open source software projects or if they participate in Hackathons?

The candidates who are inquisitive and are committed to the work will stand out.

Also, have a look at these .NET Web developer interview questions to make your search easier.

.NET Web Developer Job-specific questions

  • Which HTTP status code classes are used to designate success, server error, and client error?
  • What is the impact of latency on the end user experience?
  • Explain the fundamental principles of REST.
  • What is the difference between an unmanaged and a managed code?
  • When designing a new web API today, what should be considered?
  • Elaborate OAUTH2 protocol flow.
  • How do you optimize the performance of a website or a web application?
  • Mention the storage options that provided by modern browsers.
  • What are polymorphism, inheritance, and encapsulation?
  • How can you deploy a Web Application using Web Deploy? Describe the entire process in detail.
  • When is an abstract class used over an interface?
  • Explain multi-cast delegates.
  • What does it mean when it is said that a particular Lambda expression forms a closure?
  • Describe WebSecurity class and its use.
  • In .NET, is it possible to extend any class with some extra methods? If yes, then how will you do it?
  • Which is the best way to pass configuration variables to ASP.NET applications?

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