Dispatcher Interview Questions

The following Dispatcher interview questions will guide you through the interview process of selecting the perfect person for this job. However, you can change them as required according to the specific requirements of your company.

Dispatcher Interview Questions

Dispatchers and the like are essential personnel in a company’s communication network. They ensure healthy company-end-user relationships by providing links to the flow of information among various interested parties thus reducing the collaboration problems. They typically work at shipping companies, assigning tasks to delivery drivers and serving them as a contact point. A good Dispatcher can handle calls and emergency responses in a timely manner. Although no specific educational Degrees/Diplomas are required for this job yet some form of certification such as emergency dispatch certificates may be necessary. Experience in the dispatching field will be a plus for the candidates but it may or may not be necessary depending on the requirements of the job. If the company provides training, new candidates can learn to dispatch basics such as using the right equipment or mastering radio-operated procedures. The following questions will help you to select the best candidates for the job of Dispatcher. You can also add or remove questions according to your company’s requirements. For instance, for emergency response facilities, crisis management and handling skills may be required. Knowledge of legal procedures and the law, in general, should also be considered crucial. You should also evaluate the candidates on the basis of their crisis management skills, communication skills, independent work abilities, call handling and critical thinking.

Operational and Situational questions

  • Are you familiar with dispatching equipment along with their operational and maintenance procedure?
  • How well do you know and understand this country’s law? Rate your knowledge from 1 to 10.
  • Suppose you receive an emergency call from a frantic person, whose speech is unintelligible. How will you react and handle this situation?
  • If a truck driver informs you rudely that you assigned him the wrong cargo, how would you react to him?
  • Are you comfortable with constantly attending calls on the phone?

Behavioral questions

  • Describe a situation in which you had to make important decisions in the absence of your supervisor. How well that decision went?
  • Have you ever felt stressful or emotionally ill? How did you cope with the situation?
  • Have you ever had the chance to multi-task? Were you capable of doing that?

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