Data Architect Interview Questions

Data Architects are an important liaison between business and technology. They provide a common business vocabulary, express strategic requirements, outline high-level integrated designs to meet those requirements and align with enterprise strategy, and related business architecture.  

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Assess a candidate’s competencies from data modeling and design, and SQL to database administration with our contemporary Data Architect interview questions. Here we go.

Job-specific Questions for Data Architects 

  • Walk us through the fundamental skills of a Data Architect 
  • What is a Cluster analysis? What purpose does it serve? 
  • Differentiate between View and Materialized view 
  • What is meant by Integrity constraints? What are its different types? 
  • Should a data architect monitor and enforce compliance standards? What is the necessity? 
  • Explain the different data models 
  • What are the striking differences between a data scientist and a data architect? 
  • What is your understanding of data architecture? 
  • Explain the concept of virtual data warehousing 

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