Analytics Manager Interview Questions

The role of an Analytics Manager is to assist the company in producing pertinent business information from raw data. This data can either be internal performance data or the external market metrics.

The job demands individuals with exceptional analytical skills and an in-depth understanding of business intelligence tools, like SAS and Tableau. An Excel test will help evaluate the candidate’s skills in deriving valuable conclusions from a massive amount of data.

If you are looking for a candidate to manage a team of data analysts, then make sure you evaluate his leadership skills. Asking the following Analytics Manager interview questions will help you gauge if the contender is a good fit for your company’s requirements.

Take look at the following Analytics Manager interview questions that will help you with your interview process.

Analytics Manager Job-specific questions

  • Which database software are you familiar with?
  • Have you ever created a data model from scratch? If yes, then explain the process in detail.
  • Do you have any experience with statistical analysis tools, such as SAS and SPS?.
  • How would you ensure that your predictions are correct using data correlation?
  • Describe how you would maximize the security of confidential data.

Analytics Manager Operational and Circumstantial Questions

  • Which models would you utilize to calculate monthly sales revenues based on previous data?
  • What would you do to forecast our company’s growth for next year?
  • How will you explain the working of a big data model to senior managers in an easy to understand manner?
  • What is the process of data preparation?
  • Explain what measures you will opt to arrange data into spreadsheets and track performance metrics for each department?
  • What is the process of evaluating the results of a logistic regression analysis?

Analytics Manager Behavioral Questions

  • How would you make sure that the audience understands technical terms when you are presenting performance metrics?
  • Is there any time when your research helped the company in reducing cost or discovering areas of improvement?
  • How do you keep yourself upbeat with the latest industry trends?
  • What was the most complex database issue you have faced so far? How did you handle it?

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