Account Executive Interview Questions

Are you seeking an Account Executive who is capable of performing the myriad of account management tasks for you? Here, we outline the most important interview questions to ask the candidates for evaluating their skills and knowledge.

Account Executive Interview Questions

Account executives play a crucial role in business development efforts of a company. The primary role of Account Executive is to bring sales by prospecting for new clients and generate revenue by nurturing relationships with existing customers. These professionals act as a liaison between their organization and its clients.

Account Executives create successful promotional strategies and keep in contact with the clients at all stages of campaigns. It is imperative to hire a self-motivated candidate who is confident enough to handle any stressful situation.

Ask the following interview questions to identify the right candidate for the position of Account Executive.

Operational and Situational questions

  • How do you ensure that a presentation is effective?
  • Have you done cold-calls in your previous roles? Are you comfortable with cold-calling?
  • Suppose, a customer rejects the deal even after you have done everything to make it a success. How would you handle this situation?
  • What interests you the most about this job?
  • Have you used any CRM tools?
  • Building and sustaining client relationships is crucial for this role. How do you make sure this is successful?
  • How can you leverage social media for this role?
  • If a prospective client keeps advancing the date of purchase without giving you clear reasons, what would you do?
  • How will you prioritize client issues?
  • How do you discover sales opportunities?

Role-specific questions

  • How do you handle aggressive customers? Share an experience you’ve had in your previous roles.
  • Would you like to share any critical client issue you solved with ease?
  • Tell me about the most difficult deal you have closed.
  • Tell me about your most successful client negotiation.
  • How do you understand a prospect’s requirement? Is there a situation where you missed engaging a prospect? How did you handle this situation?
  • Describe your most complicated sales cycle in the past.

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