UX Researcher Interview Questions

UX Researchers (UXRs) are experts in Think Out Loud (TOL). As a part of the $ 465 mn industry, the role is indispensable for design mock-ups, A/B testing, and usability studies. 

Assess the right candidate for this cross-functional role with our curated UX Researcher Interview Questions. Keep reading the blog.

Job-specific Questions for the UX Researcher

  1. What things led you to become a UX Researcher?
  2. How do you put your findings across the table with various stakeholders?
  3. What are the 3 biggest challenges of a UX Researcher?
  4. List 3 skills that you would ask someone to learn in UX research
  5. What steps do you take to address bias in your research projects?
  6. Why is usability testing so important for a UX Researcher?
  7. How does UX differ from mobile application designs?
  8. When do you need to integrate UX and UI? What are the typical challenges in the process?
  9. What is your understanding of segmentation? How do you compile market and persona segments?
  10. How do you test a software feature in a UX design?

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Glider AI’s Unique Features

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  • Interactive, coding-enabled skill tests
  • Powerful candidate analytics 

Discover Hiring Resources for UX Researchers

  • Hiring a UX Researcher
  • UX Researcher Job Description
  • UX Researcher Skills Test
  • How to hire a UX Researcher

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