UX Architect Interview Questions

UX Architects mainly work on Skeuomorphism – a digital design type where the interface objects function by mimicking real-world counterparts. Also called Information Architects, they are responsible for end-to-end product creation from the user’s perspective.

Your talent hunt for the top candidate is only a step away with our nuanced UX Architect Interview Questions. Just keep reading.

Job-specific Questions for UX Architect

  1. What are the key responsibilities of a UX Architect?
  2. What is your understanding of Information Architecture?
  3. How do you classify an organization’s content category?
  4. Take us through the 5 stages of the design-thinking process
  5. Do you agree that design thinking is a non-linear process? Why do you think so?
  6. What is a poorly designed website, according to you?
  7. Suppose your client needs a new site. What are the important things you consider before taking up the project?
  8. Walk us through your understanding of Usability testing.
  9. What is Prototype fidelity? What are its 2 types?
  10. What does an interplay between visual designers and UXAs look like?

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Discover Hiring Resources for UX Architects

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  • UX Architect Job Description
  • UX Architect Skills Test
  • How to hire a UX Architect

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