Top HR Technology Trends In 2021

2021 was an exciting year, resplendent with HR technology and tools. Terms like AI, ML, NLP, cloud, talent, analytics, well-being, etc. became popular buzzwords at the workplace. 

For the unversed, HR technology or Workforce management technology is an all-inclusive term that refers to automated tools and technologies adopted by human resources in day-to-day functions. As a result, HR leaders are able to make better strategic decisions for their businesses. 

Let’s take a journey at all those Top HR Technology Trends that made a difference in 2021: 

  1. Cloud Talent Management: The cloud is a real mediator between talent management and an organization’s success. With a gamut of benefits like reduced human error and overheads, collaborations, and flexibility, cloud-based HR tools have improved competitiveness like never before. 
  2. Remote Work Accommodation: Out of necessity, HR technology has become the super accommodator of remote work, through real-time communication and collaboration tools. To no surprise, a recent survey found 60 percent of employees prefer WFH or remote work facilities even after the pandemic crisis (if it ever ends).
  3. Data Privacy and Security: 2021 saw huge concerns in terms of data breaches and financial losses. As a result, many companies upgraded their cyber security strategies (like ‘MFA’) for safeguarding HR data.  
  4. Self-Service Platforms: Also called ESS, automated HR portals like employee on-boarding, online documentation, payroll management, etc. help employees take charge of their real-time workplace updates. Moreover, these tools have relieved HR from mundane administrative tasks. 
  5. Blockchain Integration: The next big thing in HR technology has garnered so much attention in 2021. Blockchain solutions have huge implications in HR, mainly in terms of personnel data encryption, workplace transparency, and contingent payroll management. 

    “Leveraging the power of modern HR technology can help to ease the strain placed on the  workforce, improve employee engagement, and keep costs down.” – Jessica Ripin, Director, Rippin & Associates 
  6. People Analytics: The HR world without people analytics is unimaginable. Augmented analytics is not only insightful but also rapidly changing the HR landscape. According to techmagic, people analytics tools are used across different stages of HR management like training, engagement, and employability.  
  7. Real-time Performance Management: Annual appraisals have become out-of-context. With real-time performance management tools, companies can continuously track, assess, and review the quality and contribution of employees. The win-win model also encourages real-time learning and development. 
  8. Employee Wellness Management: Companies are continuing to nurture employee wellness programs. Covid accelerated it. The cognizant HR software are keenly focused on employee wellbeing issues like setting realistic expectations, meaningful work/life balance, mental health programs, etc. to escalate the all-around well-being of employees. 
  9. Biometric Time Tracking: Biometric attendance management has become highly relevant in the current times. The hacker-proof feature not only secures identity but also prevents time theft to a great extent.  
  10. Connected Platforms in the Workplace: 2021 saw remote work and social distancing keeping everyone disengaged at the workplace. Thanks to IoT, the workplace was seamlessly connected across all departments. The tech-driven connectivity platforms made the ‘shift’ an easy affair even in testing times. It’s no surprise that workations are producing a “great convergence” of work and life. 

Well, these are not the only powerful HR tools, 2021 witnessed. For example, video interviews are redefining the hiring process. Through AI and NLP, hiring managers are able to have a data-driven decisions. Additionally, candidates can also draw better applicant experience.  

What HR tools are most beneficial for your organization? We would love to know how they have transformed your business growth. Please drop in your comments.  

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The year 2021 is certainly filled with hopes, surprises and optimism.   Also, we can’t wait to make 2022 the best hiring decisions year ever. Make it count with Glider. Put your hiring on autopilot and turn talent quality into your reality. 

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