Recruiter-centric AI is revolutionizing work for talent acquisition, human resources, and staffing teams

Regardless of industry, keeping pace with the market and innovation requires AI, and Glider AI is at the forefront of revolutionizing recruitment. Today, we’re excited to share the news of Glider AI’s latest milestone: the launch of its closed beta full-funnel AI Recruiting products, review the press release here.

AI Recruiting: A Game-Changer for HR

The rapid adoption of generative AI has ushered in a new era of recruiting, where AI plays an integral role in sourcing, assessing, and selecting candidates. Recent research conducted by Glider AI reinforces this trend, revealing that a staggering 91% of staffing, talent acquisition (TA), and human resources (HR) leaders plan to leverage AI recruiting in 2023.

A Transparent and Collaborative Approach

Satish Kumar, the CEO of Glider AI, emphasizes that while AI can enhance and streamline the recruiting process, it should never replace human decision-making. Kumar underscores Glider AI’s commitment to transparency, human oversight, and rigorous stress testing to address any concerns surrounding AI’s role in recruitment.

“AI is a great tool to augment recruiting, but not a replacement for TA or hiring decision-making,” Kumar says. He continues sharing how Glider’s AI -Recruiting is different, “Our AI recruiting is transparent, includes human oversight, and involves constant stress testing to ensure we address concerns about AI in recruitment.”

Elevating the Recruiting Funnel with AI

Glider AI’s closed beta introduces new features that optimize every stage of the recruiting process, from the initial screen to the final interview. These include:

  1. AI Chat: The omnichannel chat engages candidates by autonomously generating questions based on job requirements and candidate responses. This proactive approach helps assess candidate interest and fit for the role.
  2. AI Interviews: Sophisticated AI generates contextual interview questions, ensuring a comprehensive evaluation of candidate skills and fit. The AI also transcribes and summarizes key interview findings, helping to expedite next steps.
  3. AI Skill Assessments: Throughout the assessment process, AI serves as a friendly guide, assisting with coding assessments, enhancing candidate engagement, and improving completion rates.
  4. Advanced AI Proctoring: Glider AI leads the way with comprehensive AI proctoring, effectively detecting sophisticated forms of candidate fraud, including deep fakes, generative AI usage, audio and visual inconsistencies, and plagiarism.

Positive Reception and Real-World Impact

Despite concerns raised in the media about the use of AI in recruitment, Glider AI’s customers have embraced the technology. Vik Karla, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Mindlance, a Glider AI customer, attests to the benefits of AI Recruiting with Glider:

“We use Glider’s AI proctoring to mitigate candidate fraud and ensure candidate integrity. The ability to use AI to further support our recruiting promises positive productivity and revenue impact, from removing busy work like writing candidate summaries to Glider’s ability to automatically create candidate screening questions based on job requirements.”

Glider puts the recruiter and candidate first in a world increasingly proliferated by AI. Glider AI is helping organizations find the best talent faster and more effectively with AI, not as a way to displace recruiters, which is still a very human-to-human profession. But, as we look to the future of HR and TA, it’s clear that AI is not just a tool—it’s a game-changer.

Learn more about the new AI-recruiting features, here.

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