Penetration Tester Job Description

Careers in penetration testing are one of the in-demand jobs in the offensive cybersecurity domain. Recruiters and hiring teams look for candidates who can proactively discover cybersecurity bugs (and even dinosaurs!) and improve their enterprise’s security posture. 

This template contains the penetration tester job description, requirements, responsibilities, and much more. You can modify them to fit your organization’s unique needs.

Penetration Tester Job Description 

We are hiring penetration testers who can act as custodians of cyber security and configuration settings of the enterprise. If you are competent enough to launch adversarial attack simulations and protect data integrity, then this job is for you.  

Candidates must be eloquent in network and application security, pentest management platforms, and security assessment tools.  

 Besides, prior experience in bug bounty programs, Open Source Intelligence (OSINT), and proprietary attack programs will be a pat on the back. 

What are we looking for?

  • Advanced degrees in Computer Science/IT/Systems Engineering (nice to have) 
  • Proficiency in programming languages like Python, Powershell, Golang, and Bash 
  • Experience in working with network OS like Linux, MacOS, Windows, iOS, and Android 
  • Familiarity with pen test and app security tools like Kali, Burpsuite, Metasploit 
  • Knows about the ‘Dark web’, CSRF, SSRF, and the latest vulnerabilities  
  • Certifications from IEEE, OSCP, GIAC, or EC-Council  

What a day in the life of a Penetration Tester will look like?

  • Examine target subdomains, subdomains of subdomains, and flaws 
  • Know the application of tools like Sublister, Aquatone/HostileSubBruteForcer, Nikto, Dig, Nessus, etc. 
  • Formulate vulnerability findings with reproducible proof-of-concept steps for clients 
  • Engage with the security community on trends related to common vulnerabilities exploited in new or innovative ways 
  • Expand and improve existing processes and tooling used for vulnerability validation 
  • Contribute to the creation of signatures used in our automated vulnerability detection products 
  • Have the opportunity to contribute to vulnerability identification in customer programs 
  • Write reports with P.O.C 

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Glider AI’s Unique Features

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