iOS Mobile App Developer Interview Questions

An iOS Mobile Applications (App) Developer works primarily with mobile devices for creating, programming, testing, and maintaining apps and mobile platforms across devices like smartphones, tablets, and laptops. 

Still, going through the mundane hiring process to hire the potential candidate? Take a break. Look at what we are offering you with the iOS Mobile App Developer Interview Questions.

Job-specific Questions for iOS Mobile App Developer

  1. What are the 5 states of an ios app?
  2. What do Objective-C Categories do?
  3. How do you differentiate between Copy and Retain?
  4. Explain Grandparent, Parent, and Child problem
  5. Can you tell us about code signing for ios apps?
  6. Inform us about any 5 ios storage mechanisms
  7. How do as? as! and as differ from each other?
  8. Take us through the various options of data storage in ios
  9. What is your understanding of QoS in GCD?
  10. Under what circumstances do you use Categories over Inheritance?

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