HR Operations Manager Job Description

This HR Operations Manager job description template can be posted to online job forums and career pages for the recruitment of candidates. You can modify the requirements and responsibilities given in this template according to the specific needs of your company.

Key Responsibilities

  • Set objectives and goals for the team and also track progress
  • Monitor the company’s HR systems as well as databases
  • Review and approve/modify budgets

Job Statement

We are hiring a qualified HR Operations Manager for overseeing and managing all operations of our HR department and for providing support to the company’s employees.

What does an HR Operations Manager do?

An HR Operations Manager reviews and approves budgets, develops and implements new HR policies, and maintains the company’s HR systems. The ultimate goal is ensuring a company’s HR initiatives run smoothly, contribute to a healthy work environment and remain cost-effective as well.

In order to succeed in this position, you must have a solid background in HR, prior experience in a similar senior role, and a sound knowledge of all HR practices.

Job Responsibilities

  • Designing and implementing the company’s HR policies
  • Setting objectives and goals for the team and also track progress
  • Monitoring the company’s HR systems as well as databases
  • Reviewing and approving/modifying budgets
  • Addressing employees’ queries (e.g., on compensation and labor regulations)
  • Recommending software for addressing the needs of employees (e.g., performance review tools, etc.)
  • Reporting on costs incurred on HR operations to senior management
  • Guiding staff and management of the company’s HR policies and regulations
  • Evaluating key HR metrics for monitoring performance

Job Requirements

  • Certification in ICPM is a major plus
  • Prior experience as an HR Manager, HR Operations Manager, or a similar role
  • Experience with MS Office and Human Resources Management Systems
  • Experience in designing compensation and benefits programs
  • Ability to design and implement fair and clean company policies
  • Excellent decision-making and analytical skills
  • Strong verbal as well as non-verbal communication skills
  • Exceptional team management and organizational skills
  • Ability to take quick decisions while working in a fast-paced environment

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