Hiring a Web Developer

Why Hire a Web Developer? 

Web Development is an indispensable part of the digital economy. The best-in-class Web Developers are not only domain experts but also have scalable ideas.  

But being a web developer also takes a tremendous amount of skill, creativity, and patience.  

Right now, web developers are in high demand and highly rewarding as well. The broad field is more than just website development and coding.  

The role needs to be proficient in programming languages, libraries, and frameworks. 

What is a Web Developer? 

The one who creates Websites! Yes, Web Developers are programmers who develop applications on WWW (World Wide Web) or distributed network applications. Not only that, but they also write codes in web programming languages like JavaScript, HTML (HyperText Markup Language), CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), etc.   

There are 3 types of Web Developer roles: 

  1. Front-end web developers: work on the visual appeal 
  2. Back-end web developers: work on the User Interface 
  3. Full-stack web developers: work both as a front-end and back-end web developer 

Why are Web Developers in High Demand? 

Stack Overflow’s 2022 Developer survey reports that web developers create applications across a wide variety of platforms, which has also increased the need for cross-platform collaborations. 

Also, the Tech Hiring Survey Report says that at least 35% of the recruiters surveyed plan to hire more than 50 developers this year. Additionally, they intend to have a higher budget to accommodate app developers’ higher salaries. 

The U.S.Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts the job outlook for Web Developers at 13% between 2020 and 2030. 

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Average pay for a Web Developer 

As per Glassdoor estimates, the national average for a Web Developer salary in the USA is $70,863 per year with an added compensation between $618 – $19,720. 

Web Developer KPIs 

  • Define operational objectives 
  • Identify key result areas 
  • Identify tasks lists 
  • Determine work procedure for each KRA, and task lists 
  • Identify methods to measure the results of each KRA, task and procedure 

How can Glider AI help you with Hiring a Web Developer? 

Glider’s recruitment platform is built on the mission, of “competency over credentials”. This way, you can make the most of the hiring assessments through a structured and data-driven candidate-evaluation process. 

Glider AI’s Unique Features

  • Conversational Chatbot for Talent Screening
  • Interactive, coding-enabled skill tests
  • Powerful candidate analytics 

Discover Hiring Resources for Web Developers

  • Web Developer Job Description
  • Web Developer Interview Questions
  • Web Developer Skills Test
  • How to Hire a Web Developer

Access 2,000 pre-built assessments covering over 500 skills with 250,000 questions, all validated by 2,000 SMEs including this for the Web Developer role.  

Go ahead and spotlight your Web Developer with Glider AI today! 

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