GLIDER Updates: Time To Turn-On The Hiring Auto-Pilot

ffortless Automated Sourcing, New Assessment Controls and Swift User Experience

A firecracker release with powerful features, some face-lifted pages, flawless navigation, and enhanced usability controls.


  • Candidate sourcing on auto-pilot
  • Candidate evaluation control in your hands

SOURCE: Control and automation put you on auto-pilot

Source Screen brings you recommended candidates from your internal candidate pool as well as GLIDER candidate pool as soon as you publish a job.

This screen brings you three – key control features for each of your job posts.

  1. Preferences: Mark your preference for candidates in terms of the organizations they must have worked for, premier educational institutes they ought to have attended, and a minimum match score. After you save your preferences, the results in Recommended tab get modified to the selected filters automatically.
  2. Auto-pilot: For each job post, automatically invite, remind, and assess candidates based on a preset criterion as selected by you. You can set rules to reach out, follow up with candidates automatically and evaluate their competencies.
  3. Source from networks: If you choose to source from networks , all you have to do is to download GLIDER’s Recruiter Chrome plugin, and it will help you source candidates from top job boards. Go to your favorite job board and click on the plugin to invite candidates to your job posts.

ASSESS : Evaluating Candidates like a Pro

The Assess screen is your good ol’ Assign screen with a face-lift and some power boosters. Here are some enhancements to make note of.

  1. The assessment view has changed from a card view to a detailed view
  2. Now you can mark assessments as complete by selecting the assignment/s and clicking the Mark as Complete button on the left.
  3. Show Status Filter now has new filter, Draft. This filter shows assessments in draft status, yet to be published.
  4. Click on Settings of the assessment card to navigate to a new Settings screen of the assessment where as a user you can see the following.

Summary: This tab displays the details of the assessment; viz; name of the assessment, who created it, the total number of questions, description, tags, etc.

Questions: This tab displays the list of questions in an assessment. You can click and see the details of each question, author questions and answers, the topic covered, score allotted to each question, candidate preview, etc.

Settings: This tab brings together all the assessment control settings on one page. Decide what would you like to activate for each of the assessments in terms of proctoring, time window, shuffle question order, set a cut off score for disqualification, and decide on languages allowed for coding questions.

Capture Details: Mark the details of the candidate that you want to capture before them taking the assessment.

If you’d like to read a more detailed explanation of how to use these features, please drop an email to

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