GLIDER Updates: New Upgrades To Your Candidate Evaluation Experience

Assess Skills with Confidence

This release brings two upgrades to your candidate evaluation experience. We are powering up your coding questions with customizable Test Case controls. Also, now enjoy added flexibility by URL based invite for evaluation of candidate submissions.

Introducing Test Case Customizations

Now add new dimensions to your coding questions by setting three different controls to enhance and empower your candidate assessment.


Set the visibility of your test cases to the candidates while running them. Choose to make them visible or hidden as per your desire.


Categorize your test cases into a variety of titles for informed decision making. There are 11 different categories ranging from Basic Cases, Boundary Cases, Default Cases to More Advanced Cases, Outcome Not Possible Cases, and more.


Add weightage to each of the test cases for data-backed decision-making. Assess candidate coding skills at a much granular level.

This is Empowered Decision-making

Don’t evaluate candidates on the basis of the number of test cases passed, but evaluate them on their grasp of the subject and skill and the complexity of the test case. This is called empowered decision-making.

URL Based Invite For Candidate Evaluation

Enjoy the flexibility of inviting evaluators to assess candidate submissions with URL-based invites. Expand your reach to subject-matter experts for candidate evaluations apart from the members already on your hiring team for job posts. Simply share the link via email to invite evaluations from SMEs. Evaluation scores find their way to the candidate’s grade book instantly.

GLIDER partners with

GLIDER and Greenhouse have partnered up to build an integration. Mutual customers can now experience the benefits of GLIDER’s comprehensive skill assessments from within their Greenhouse account.

If you would like to read a more detailed explanation of how to use these features, please drop an email to

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