Debt Collector Job Description

This Debt Collector job description template can be posted to online job forums and career pages to recruit candidates. You can modify the requirements and responsibilities given in this template according to the specific need of your company.

Key Responsibilities

  • Keep track of all assigned accounts for the purpose of identifying outstanding debts
  • Plan strategies for recovering the outstanding payments
  • Locate and contact debtors for inquiring about payment status

Job Statement

We are hiring a Debt Collector for recovering the debts owed to us in a timely manner.

What does a Debt Collector do?

A Debt Collector contacts debtors and claims outstanding dues towards the creditors in as little time as possible.

In order to succeed in this role, you must possess a polite attitude and a persistent nature so as to ensure the clearance of debts. You must also possess exceptional communication skills along with the ability to manage the stressful nature of this job.

Job Responsibilities

  • Keeping track of all assigned accounts for the purpose of identifying outstanding debts
  • Planning strategies for recovering the outstanding payments
  • Locating and contacting debtors for inquiring them about payment status
  • Reporting superiors on debtors who are unable or unwilling to clear debts
  • Investigating as well as resolving discrepancies
  • Complying with regulations whenever legal action becomes necessary
  • Creating trustful relationships with customers/debtors for avoiding future issues
  • Updating the company’s database and accounts’ statuses on a regular basis
  • Negotiating payoff deadlines as well as payment plans
  • Handling questions and complaints

Job Requirements

  • At least a Bachelor’s degree in Law or a relevant field
  • Prior experience as a Debt Collector
  • Experience working with targeted customers within tight deadlines
  • Experience with databases and MS Office, especially MS Excel
  • Sound knowledge of all debt regulations as well as legal requirements
  • Exceptional persuasion and negotiation qualities
  • A compassionate and polite yet persistent nature
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills

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