Database Manager Skills Test

Database Manager Skills Test Overview 

The Database Manager skills test evaluates candidates ‘skills and competencies in handling and executing database technologies. This test will help technical recruiters identify potential candidates needed for running database infrastructures, troubleshoot performance issues, and resolve them before they run into downtime. 

Expected Skills 

  • Proficiency in Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS) and Object-oriented Database Management Systems (OODBMS). 
  • Hands-on expertise in Microsoft SQL server, Oracle database, Raiser’s edge 
  • Metadata management and Repository usage 
  • Capacity planning and data security skills 
  • Backup and recovery 

Test Category 

Type – Multiple Choice Questions 

Time – 10 mins 

Language – English 

Level – Entry 

Difficulty – Easy 

Test Questions 

  1. Which Query language is used to retrieve data from a structural database? 
  • NoSQL 
  • DB2 
  • SQL 
  • MSSQL 
  • None of these 
  1. What does ‘view’ in SQL refer to? 
  • Automatic security for hidden data 
  • Same data can be seen by different users in different ways simultaneously 
  • Logical data independence 
  • None of these 
  • All of the above 
  1. If A consists set of p elements and q consists set of y elements, how many relations can be constructed from A to B? 
  • p^q 
  • Factorial(q) x Factorial(p) 
  • q^p 
  • q x p 
  • p x q 
  • All of the above 
  1. When does a table have partial dependencies? 
  • One prime attribute 
  • Only one attribute 
  • Only two attributes 
  • Two prime attributes 
  • None of these
  1. An index clustered when ______ 
  • It is on a set of keys that form a candidate key 
  • It is on a set of keys that has a primary key 
  • The data records on the file are organized similarly to the data entries in the index 
  • The data records on the file are organized not similar to the data entries in the index 
  • None of these 

Who should take the Test? 

Candidates who want to build a career or have an experience in database management systems and have relevant competencies and credentials can take up the test.  

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Glider AI’s Unique Features

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  • Powerful candidate analytics 

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