Data Security Analyst Job Description

A Data Security Analyst is a cyber professional analyzes an organization’s data to produce proactive security measures. This template contains the job description, requirements, and responsibilities for the Data Security Analyst role. You can modify them to fit your organization’s unique needs.

Data Security Analyst Job Description

We are hiring Data Security Analysts who can build and manage reliable data pipelines through workflow management systems. So, acquaintance with SQL, Perfect, Apache airflow, AWS, REST APIs and others is a must. 

You have to know everything about data strategies from data lakes to cloud migration. Also, familiarity with containers, command line interfaces, Infrastructure as a Code (IaC), and popular programming languages are what we strongly look for.

Certifications from AWS, Google Cloud, or Microsoft Azure are an extra advantage. 

What are we looking for?

  • Advanced degrees in computer science, information technology, or math
  • Proficiency in security management frameworks and NGFWs
  • Exposure to operating systems vulnerabilities
  • Fundamentals of data privacy and regulations
  • Data interpretation and analysis

A Day in the Life of a Data Security Analyst will look like this

  • Monitor, analyze, and participate in disaster recovery implementation and testing as per the NIST framework
  • Contribute towards security technology prioritization, and future utilization of security technology and process improvements to the security team
  • Assess data security risks and evaluate and implement network security products, vendors, and services
  • Conduct validation and testing of security architecture and design solutions, along with detailed engineering specifications with recommended vendor technologies
  • Manage and support the development, testing, and operation of firewalls, intrusion detection systems, enterprise malware systems, and software deployment tools 
  • Primary contact for updating Alnova roles and JIRA Support Requests
  • Identify and access management system functions including software installation, upgrades, and ongoing maintenance
  • Mitigate SoD conflicts for users and roles as per business approval 
  • Conduct weekly audit reports, and SOD reports 
  • Develop departmental procedures and job standards for new vendor roles. 

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Glider AI’s Unique Features

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