Data Scientist Interview Questions

A data scientist channelizes the opportunities presented by data. High-ranking professionals make discoveries while swimming in data. With the fundamental skill of writing data to testing hypotheses to reduce losses, a data scientist literally converts a mass of unstructured data into a revenue gold mine.   

Evaluate the potential candidate’s data science tool kit with our nuanced Data Scientist Interview Questions. Glide on.

Job-specific Questions for Data Scientist

  1. Which models would you characterize as complex models, and which ones as simple? Mention the relative strengths and weaknesses 
  2. What are the different steps that you follow to pre-process the data before using it to train a model and under what conditions these steps can be applied? 
  3. How do you predict categorical responses? 
  4. Explain dimensional reduction and state the best ways to perform this. 
  5. What is the use of Combinatorics in data science? 
  6. What is regularization and how is it useful? 
  7. What do you understand by price elasticity, price optimization, competitive intelligence, and inventory management? Explain with examples. 
  8. Define confidence interval and its benefits. 
  9. State the difference between correlation and statistical independence. 
  10. Are you familiar with time-series models? What is your understanding of cross-correlations with time lags? 

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