Cloud Security Analyst Skills Test

Cloud Security Analyst Test Overview 

Cloud security analysts are like invigilators who overlook their network systems to proactively mitigate threats and vulnerabilities. They proactively make informed decisions based on network device logs.  

If you are looking for a cloud security analyst, then this blog is for you. For starters, here are sample questions to know what kind of questions you can ask the candidate. Feel free to make use of them or even modify them as per the hiring need. 

Expected Skills 

  • Strong familiarity with OSI network model and network protocols such as TCP/IP 
  • Solid expertise in understanding various patterns of cyber attack 
  • Monitor networks and develop security plans 
  • Hands-on expertise in different operating systems Linux, Windows, iOS, Android etc 

Test Category 

Type – Multiple Choice Questions 

Time – 10 mins 

Language – English 

Level – Entry 

Difficulty – Easy 

Test Questions 

  1. ______ is a form of compromised cloud information 
  • Attack 
  • Bug 
  • Threat 
  • Vulnerability 
  • None of these 
  1. ______ is a representation of the CIA triad 
  • Circle 
  • Diagonal 
  • Ellipse 
  • Triangle 
  • None of these 
  1. ______ can protect data modification by unknown users 
  • Authentication 
  • Confidentiality 
  • Integrity 
  • Non-repudiation 
  • None of these 
  1. OSI is an abbreviation for ______ 
  • Open Source Initiative 
  • Open System Interface 
  • Open System Interconnections 
  • Open Standard Interconnections 
  • None of these 
  1. ______ is used to safeguard authentication, integrity, and privacy in an email 
  • IPSec 
  • SSL 
  • PGP 
  • Encryption 
  • None of these 

Who should take the test? 

Careers in cloud security manage cloud infrastructure platforms and applications to prevent data misuse, cyber-attacks, and similar anomalies. So, this free test chisels your skills and competencies for the cloud security analyst role. 

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Glider AI’s Unique Features

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