Cloud Security Analyst Interview Questions

Cloud Security Analysts conduct security risk assessments, evaluate security services and technologies, review and document information security policies and procedures as well as provide monitoring and oversight for alerts in the Cloud environment. 

Capture the candidate’s expertise in security configuration standards and cloud-related SOC infrastructure with our contemporary Cloud Security Interview Questions. Here we go, amigos!

Job-specific Questions for Cloud Security Analyst

  1. What kind of specific data transmissions do you encrypt? 
  2. What methods do you use to protect access to GUIs and APIs?   
  3. What level of technical support must be included in a standard SLA? 
  4. What are the other security aspects you receive along with the cloud? 
  5. Walk us through the security measures you use to protect data centers and other facilities. 
  6. What platforms use large-scale cloud computing? 
  7. Please list some open-source cloud computing platform databases. 
  8. Name a few security laws that are implemented to secure data in the cloud. 
  9. What measures do you take for data security while transferring to the cloud? 
  10. How is EUCALYPTUS used in cloud computing? Please explain 

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