Cloud Consultant Interview Questions

As a tech service specialist, a cloud consultant manages and deploys ideal cloud d products/solutions for companies/clients with the highest RoI on technology investment. The role is extremely important in analyzing which applications or services are most suitable for cloud deployment compared to on-premises deployment. 

Grasp the candidate’s analytical abilities, and cloud computing ski skills like AI and ML, DevOps, APIs with our nuanced Cloud Consultant interview questions right now. Check out.

Job-specific Questions for Cloud Consultant

  • What is Industry 4.0? 
  • Why ping is significant when you troubleshoot “Unable to take RDP”? 
  • Differentiate between DNS TCP and UDP 
  • How do you troubleshoot a 404 error? 
  • Explain what happens when the Sysvol folder is deleted 
  • Explain the procedure of centrally managing several related/grouped VMs 
  • Tell us how you migrate a 1 TB Oracle Database from a data center to AWS Cloud.  Differentiate between a file-based backup vs block-based backup. 
  • What does a typical cloud migration process look like? 
  • What does a world-class customer experience look like? 

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