Cloud Automation Engineer Job Description

Cloud Automation Engineer is a senior software developer specializing in cloud automation, orchestration, and integration. They design and develop Infrastructure as a Code (IaaC). Thus, complex cloud solutions are their forte.  

This template contains the cloud automation engineer job description, requirements, responsibilities, and much more! You can modify them to fit your organization’s unique needs.

Cloud Automation Engineer Job Description 

We are hiring Cloud Automation Engineers who can build and manage reliable data pipelines through workflow management systems. So, acquaintance with SQL, Perfect, Apache airflow, AWS, REST APIs and others is a must. 

Candidates must be well-versed in data strategies from data lakes to cloud migration. Also, familiarity with containers, command line interfaces, Infrastructure as a Code (IaaC), and popular programming languages are what we strongly look for.

Big Data Engineering certifications from AWS, Google Cloud, or Microsoft Azure are an extra advantage. 

What are we looking for?

  • Advanced degrees in Computer Science/IT/Systems Engineering (nice to have) 
  • Market-acknowledged certifications like AWS Lambda and Cloud Formation 
  • Hands-on experience in REST APIs for third-party integrations 
  • Prior experience in Terraform usage at an enterprise level 
  • Development of PowerShell code and automation Modules 
  • Familiarity with software architecture, design, deployment, and maintenance 
  • Network and internet protocols 

What a day in the life of a Cloud Automation Engineer will look like?

  • Lead Automation Design and Engineering 
  • Provide recommendations and insights on the design, implementation, operations, user guides, and training resources 
  • Configure, deploy, and maintain cloud infrastructure for development, staging, and production applications  
  • Define, create, and maintain processes needed to support production and development environments with the use of automation scripts, third-party utilities, or custom codes 
  • Design and develop extensive scripts for automation and integration of Cloud provisioning in Linux services including Directory Services, Kerberos/LDAP, virtual networking, and storage 
  • Collaborate and contribute to the technical direction for the development, engineering, interfacing, integration, and testing of all components in complex hardware/software systems  
  • Review and provide insights for new and evolving design, architecture, standards, and methods for internal DevOps services and systems 
  • Perform deep dive analysis into both systemic and network issues 
  • Train engineering and operations staff  
  • Resolve escalated, complex problems as a Tier 3 engineer 

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