Cloud Automation Engineer Interview Questions

Cloud Automation Engineers are senior software developers specializing in cloud automation, orchestration, and integration. They design and develop Infrastructure as a Code (IaaC). They help enterprises migrate their digital assets from on-site premises to cloud platforms. 

Gauge the candidate’s understanding of cloud automation and engineering skills with our contemporary Cloud Automation Engineer Interview Questions. Scroll down now!

Job-specific Questions for Cloud Automation Engineer

  1. How to create a VPC in AWS? 
  2. What are the responsibilities of a Cloud Automation engineer? 
  3. Are you familiar with Chef / Puppet and Anzible? 
  4. How proficient are you in scripting in Python? 
  5. Differentiate between continuous integration and continuous deployment with test automation frameworks 
  6. Please explain your understanding of ES standards 
  7. What are the differences between Hybrid Cloud and Hybrid IT?  
  8. What is meant by The Packaging of Hybrid Cloud? 
  9. What is a MultiCloud? 
  10. Explain what is Cloud-Native 

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