Blockchain Developer Skills Test

Blockchain Developer Skills Test Overview 

Blockchain developers are responsible for innovative solutions based on blockchain protocols. They research, design, development, and testing of blockchain technologies, both on the current server and client-side applications. 

You can use these sample questions to assess a candidate’s fit for the blockchain developer role before hiring them. Feel free to make use of them or even modify them as per the hiring need. 

Expected Skills 

  • Advanced knowledge of programming languages 
  • Deep expertise in designing blockchain protocols 
  • Developing front-end designs and back-end as per smart contracts 
  • Ability to perform complex analysis of legacy infrastructure 

Test Category 

Type – Multiple Choice Questions 

Time – 10 mins 

Language – English 

Level – Entry 

Difficulty – Easy 

Test Questions 

  1. Blockchain can conduct user transactions ______ 
  • Without third party 
  • With the support of the third party 
  • Without anyone involved 
  • Without any authentication 
  • None of these 
  1. A block in the blockchain consists of ______  
  • Header & Digital ledger 
  • Bitcoins & Input 
  • Transactions & Bitcoins 
  • Header & Transaction 
  • None of these 
  1. UTXO is the abbreviation for ______ 
  • Unspent Trade Offer 
  • Unspent Transaction xeroxed Output 
  • Unique Transaction Offer 
  • Unspent Transaction Output 
  • None of these 
  1. Transaction 0 of every block in the bitcoin blockchain refers to_____  
  • Payment of miner fees 
  • No input UTXO 
  • Coinbase transaction 
  • None of these 
  • All of these 
  1.  ______ introduced digital cryptocurrency (Bitcoin) 
  • Satoshi Nakamoto 
  • Nick Szabo 
  • Wei Dei 
  • Hal Finney 
  • None of these 

Who should take the test? 

Candidates interested in Blockchain Developer roles must be conversant in cutting-edge concepts like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Hyperledger etc along with programming languages, and cryptography.  

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