AI Developer Interview Questions

An AI Developer designs and develops AI functionality into software applications. The role is generally focused on integrating and implementing AI algorithms and logic into the deliverables of an IT project.

Unlock the right hiring method to hire one such with our nuanced AI Developer Interview Questions.

Job-specific Questions for AI Developer

  1. What do you mean by deep learning? How does it contrast with other traditional machine learning?
  2. What is an EM algorithm and its applications?
  3. What is a Fourier Transform?
  4. What does ‘linear’ mean in a generalized linear model?
  5. State an example of an application of non-negative matrix factorization.
  6. Describe a probabilistic graphical model.
  7. How do Bayesian networks differ from Markov networks?
  8. What are the effective tactics for performing feature selection that does not involve an exhaustive search?
  9. What are the methods for dimensionality reduction?
  10. How can we use our machine-learning skills to generate revenue?

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